Download CapCut Old Version Pro + Premium & No Watermark 2023

Why To Download CapCut Old Version?

In the release of the new version, some apps still need to catch up on the fantastic features of old versions that users love. To get the best, they destroy the main features of an old version.

Another reason to look for an old version is that the released new version can’t support the user’s mobile requirements. So, whatever the reason, they disappointed their users.

You can download any CapCut old version if you’re one of them. Here is the list of CapCut Old Versions, Download your favorite one and start enjoying its use.


List Of CapCut Old Versions

Following is the list of CapCut Old Versions, install your favorite one.

Capcut Old version 7.9.0

Capcut Old version 7.7.0

Capcut Old version 7.2.0

Capcut Old version 6.8.0

Capcut Old version 6.4.0

Capcut Old version 6.3.0

Capcut Old version 6.2.0

Capcut Old version 6.1.0

Capcut Old version 5.6.0

Capcut Old version 5.0.0

Requirements For Installation

  • Android: A 5.0 or higher version of Android is required.
  • Storage Space: It’s recommended to install the app at least 2GB of free storage space.
  • Internet Connection: You need a stable internet connection to download the app. No worries, you can use it offline.
  • VPN: In case, CapCut is banned in your country you can install any best free VPNs for CapCut.

Installation Guide

Follow these steps to install CapCut Old versions on any Android device:

  • Download your favorite version from the above-given list.
  • Wait for downloading, mostly it depends on your internet speed.
  • After completion of the downloading process, click on the downloaded fine and it will ask you to install and cancel.
  • Click on install now, depending on your device it will take some time.
  • Once installation is completed, open it and start enjoying to use.

That’s all for old versions, if you want to install the latest version of CapCut visit

Features Of CapCut Old Version

Capcut Old Version has all the essential tools or features. You can make your videos look fantastic and professional. Now, we’re discussing these excellent features that will blow your mind.

Easy To Use

CapCut is one of the easiest video editors for its users. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. All the main features are at the bottom of the homepage which gives flexibility and ease to use them.

Uncomplicated User Interface

Its user interface is easy and uncomplicated which makes all the features and filters accessible. You don’t need to tangle yourself in complex editing tools and confusing layouts whether you’re a beginner or an expert. This helps your editing process be quick, efficient, and enjoyable.

Speed Control

It has a speed control panel where you can fast, slow, and forward your video’s speed according to your requirements. You can also import your voice into your videos.

Editing Tools

When it comes to advanced editing tools, CapCut can provide you with a bunch of brilliant advanced editing tools to perform simple actions and complex operations. With the help of these tools, you can easily trim, cut, reverse, and adjust the frames of your videos.

You can import and customize your music to further enhance your video’s overall impact and make it a brilliant and eye-catching one. These advanced editing tools will meet and exceed your needs.

High-Quality Filters And Transitions

CapCut offers many professional filters and transitions. These filters and transitions can enable your videos with a cinematic and professional touch. With these advanced tools, you can transform your simple videos into professional and eye-catching.

Video Templates

CapCut has a wide range of pre-made video templates. These templates include birthdays, travel vlogs, promotional clips, and many more. If you want to edit your videos quickly and don’t want to start from scratch, these templates are lifesavers for you.

Chroma Key

Chroma key is also known as Green Screen which lets you change the background of the video and customize it with your own. Chroma key is mostly used in weather prediction programs and TV channels.

Various Video Formats

The best feature of CapCut is that you can export your video in various formats. You can export in 720p, high definition videos in 1080p, or even ultra high definition 4K videos. This brilliant video editor can handle them all effortlessly.

Share On Social Media Platforms

With this growing entertainment industry, people don’t want to keep their talent and art to themselves. They want to show it on social platforms. You can also share your videos on any social media platform through CapCut.

Safety And Security

CapCut is a safe and secure video editor. It doesn’t require additional permissions or unnecessary access to your files. It’s a secure application that is free from viruses. You can scan it with antivirus software for your additional peace of mind and trust.

Pros & Cons

Old versions have all favorite featuresNot recommended
Required fewer specifications of the device
Already supported your mobile requirements
Creative Effects
High-Quality Export

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You can get the old versions of CapCut from It includes all the recommended previous versions of CapCut.

The Latest Version of CapCut is 9.2.0 which you can download on

You can download CapCut’s latest version by visiting

Yes, the CapCut Old Version is totally safe to use but it’s recommended. Try to use the latest version. Source: Google Play

Final Words

We discussed why someone might want to download an older version of CapCut, a video editing app. The reasons include liking the features of older versions and having an older phone that can’t handle the new version.

Old versions have some good things, but it strongly suggests using the latest version, which is 9.2.0. The latest version is safer and works better with newer phones. So, it’s recommended to get the newest one.